Chairside Table with USB Power Strip by OakRidge™ XL



Walter Drake is the home for unique home furnishings that fit your everyday lifestyle. Our Side Table with Power Strip by OakRidge™ is a great way to keep your electronics charged without overloading your wall outlet. This convenient end table with USB ports features a sleek, compact design that will fit into tight spaces like next to a bed, a chair or in a corner. This space-saving end table is compatible with many types of home décor styles and provides storage solutions with its convenient front drawer as well as its flip-top panel that houses the USB power strip.

Plug in lamps, smartphones and other devices — our versatile end tables are must-haves for modern homes. Shop this and other exclusive Walter Drake products on our website, where you’ll always find something affordable that will benefit your home.

  • Made of MDF
  • 24" L x 11" W x 24" H
  • Built-in power strip
  • 3 three-prong outlets and 2 USB ports
  • Exclusively from OakRidge™
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