Chairside Table with USB Power Strip by OakRidge™ XL


Create a convenient spot to charge your phone or plug in other electronic devices with the Chairside Table with USB Power Strip by OakRidge™, available from Walter Drake. Lift the top panel to reveal a power strip and a place to stash unsightly cords. Three outlets and two USB ports are included on the strip so you can easily plug in lamps, phone chargers, laptop chargers, speakers or smart devices.
This stylish MDF table features a spacing-saving design. The slim profile is ideal for placing alongside a chair, couch or bed. In addition to the power strip compartment, it features a bottom shelf and a convenient front drawer for extra storage.
  • Made of MDF
  • 24" L x 11" W x 24" H
  • Built-in power strip
  • 3 three-prong outlets and 2 USB ports
  • Exclusively from OakRidge™
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