Clear Water Filtration Pitcher by Home Marketplace



Enjoy better tasting water at home by ordering a Home Marketplace Clear Water Filtration Pitcher from Walter Drake. The pitcher uses replaceable filters, which have multiple filtration layers that work quickly to eliminate flavors and odors from your water. Eliminate the expense of bottled water by filtering your own tap water at home using a Clear Water Filtration Pitcher. The large, 32-oz. pitcher ensures you'll always have plenty of filtered water on hand to meet your family's needs. Despite the large capacity, the filter fits easily into your refrigerator and includes an easy-to-hold handle for better control while pouring. The pitcher comes with a filter; additional replacement filters are also available.

The Clear Water Filtration Pitcher uses a 4-stage ionic filtration system to remove contaminants from water. Step one uses a micro net to filter out large particles that may be suspended in your water. Step two uses an ion-exchange resin to filter out heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury and aluminum. It also eliminates lime scale while retaining important minerals. Step three includes an activated carbon layer that removes the chlorine scent and flavor from your water. Step four uses another micro net for a final filtering.

  • 32-oz. capacity
  • 4-stage ionic filtration system
  • Streamlined design fits easily in most refrigerators
  • Includes an easy-to-install replacement filter
  • Polypropylene construction
  • Hand wash
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