Copper Infused Mattress Cover by OakRidge™



Boost collagen, promote healthy joints and improve blood circulation while you get a restful night’s sleep with this Copper-Infused Mattress Cover available exclusively at Walter Drake. While other mattress pads simply protect your mattress from spills, stains and wear, this cover also has some amazing benefits. Copper ions prevent the growth of bacteria and other pathogens, including E-coli, and help mitigate bad odors. Copper is also anti-inflammatory, which may help with joint pain and arthritis. Who knew that copper was so versatile?

This polyester copper mattress pad by OakRidge™ is available in four sizes: Twin (75” long x 39” wide); Full (75” long x 54” wide); Queen (80” long x 60” wide); or King (80” long x 78” wide). Its pocketed edges fit mattress up to 16” deep. Enjoy easy care — simply machine wash and tumble dry low. Make the most out of your nightly sleep with this copper-infused mattress cover. Walter Drake is your go-to for affordable finds and smart products that are difficult to find in big-box stores.

  • Polyester, copper
  • Available in Twin (75" long x 39" wide), Full (75" long x 54" wide), Queen (80" long x 60" wide) or King (80" long x 78" wide)
  • All bed protectors fit mattresses up to 16" deep
  • Copper's antibacterial properties help protect your mattress from germs, fungus and odor
  • Machine wash
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