Cow On Bike Spinner Stake


This freewheeling heifer really gets "moo-ving" when breezes blow … offering brilliant display as her bike tires spin, for a rainbow of colorful motion. Greeting guests with cheerful charm, a bright pop of color and whimsical, wind-blown motion, this Cow on Bike metal yard stake includes a sturdy ground stake that easily inserts in your lawn, garden or a large flowerpot for unique outdoor display. Designed in weatherproof polyester with sturdy fiberglass frame and stake, this artful cow yard décor is perfect for cow lovers, bicycle enthusiasts, or anyone. Easy 5-pc. assembly; measures 20" W x 31" H.
  • Her bike tires spin when breezes blow
  • Includes a sturdy ground stake
  • Weatherproof polyester with sturdy fiberglass frame
  • Perfect for cow lovers, bicycle enthusiasts, or anyone
  • Easy 5-pc. assembly
  • 20" wide x 31" high
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