Crocheted Lace Vinyl Table Cover


Sure, fabric crochet lace tablecloths are beautiful. They’re also fragile, are easily stained and often snagged with eating utensils. Our Crochet Lace Vinyl Drop Tablecloth is the best of both worlds and takes the stress out of using a delicate crochet lace table cover. It adds the look of real crochet lace to your table in an instant and offers the durability and the easy-care of vinyl — just wipe clean with a damp cloth to take care of spills and other table mishaps. This beautiful crochet lace tablecloth features an intricate design and a beautiful, scalloped edging that is sure to add elegance and beauty to any table. Use it on your dining table for special occasions or in your kitchen for every day. This versatile crochet table cover will be your go-to for many years, thanks to its extra-durable construction. It also protects your furniture from damage, such as scratches or water stains. This lovely and affordable addition to your table will become an instant favorite in your tablecloth collection.
  • Highly durable vinyl construction
  • Delicate crochet lace design
  • Available in oblong (54” wide x 72” long), oval (60” wide x 90” long) and round (70” diameter) sizes
  • Drop-stye tablecloth features scalloped edging
  • Easy to clean — just use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe up spills
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