Decorative Sweater Silvertone Clasp



Instantly brighten up a sweater or an open cardigan with this sweater clip. This silver-tone sweater clasp features an intricate zinc scroll design that’s adorned with black gemstones for a sparkling addition to any outfit. Ideal to prevent gaping and fly-aways, a sweater clasp is a must-have addition to any accessory collection. They’re easy to add — the metal clasp features gentle plastic teeth on both ends. Simply place the fabric of your sweater, cape or shawl between the teeth of the open clasp and then click both ends shut. It will stay in place until you choose to remove it and will secure your fashion choice for additional warmth and style.

This easy-to-use and beautiful-to-wear accessory will be a piece that you’re sure to reach for again and again! Check out our other sweater clips in varying finishes and designs at Walter Drake. Make your personal fashion statement with these practical and pretty sweater pins.

  • Total length is 4"
  • Clean with a soft, dry cloth
  • Made of zinc with glass stones
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