Deluxe Foldable Rocking Footrest


Get support for your legs and feet when you use this Deluxe Foldable Rocking Footrest from Walter Drake. With its rocker style, it moves with you for more comfortable and convenient support. This unique footrest also features a padded side design for resting your legs against for even more relief. The opposite side is angled to provide support for your soles. The sturdy wood frame is stylish and attractive, and the footrest even folds up for easy storage and transport. Choose from two styles (an elegant floral tapestry fabric or soft and cozy sherpa material) to get the look and feel you prefer for this rocking footrest.
  • Kick Back in Comfort – Sit back and relax with this rocking footrest that moves with you, this comfortable lounging furniture is a stylish accent to any room of your home
  • Portable Rocking Design – Relax wherever you are with this portable rocking footrest that is perfect for propping tired, aching or injured feet at the home or in the office
  • Padded Cushion – Cushioned top is covered in cozy Sherpa fleece that softly cradles your calves, while the wood side supports your soles at the perfect angle
  • Folds Flat – Footrest features a sturdy wooden frame that folds flat to just 5 inches high for easy and convenient storage when not in use
  • Product Specifications – Foldable rocking footrest measures 24 inches long x 16 inches wide x 14.5 inches high when open
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