Deluxe Picnic Table Cover with Cushions


Any day that allows for a picnic is a good day; thanks to our Deluxe Picnic Table Cover with Cushions Set, however, it will be even better! With its delightful red and white gingham checks, it will add extra fun and functionality to your outdoor event. Ideal for using at the beach, while camping or when dining at the park, this three-piece set includes a fitted picnic table cover and two ¾” thick polyester-filled cushions with buckles that make those hard benches more comfortable. The elastic edge fit snugly around the picnic table, providing a hygienic and smooth surface that allows for easy cleaning — as well as solves the problem of those flyaway table covers on windy days. You’ll appreciate this picnic table cover’s heavy-duty vinyl that will last season after season! Shop excellent values and other great table covers that are ideal for all of those special outdoor occasions. At Walter Drake, home and outdoor entertaining has never been so affordable. We offer many different styles, prints and sizes so you’ll always find what you’re looking for.
  • Picnic table cover and cushion set includes three pieces
  • Two 3/4" high polyester-filled cushions have buckles that secure them to the benches
  • Heavy-duty vinyl is stain-resistant and is easy to clean
  • Vinyl fitted tablecloth securely fits on 70” long x 34” wide picnic tables
  • Imported
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