Donut Gel Cushion



Sitting down should be easier on your body, not more stressful. An oversized gel donut seat cushion gives everyone the relief they need when they take a load off their feet. The soft gel is surrounded by dense polyurethane foam with a machine-washable polyester cover. Its shape provides comfortable support for the entire backside and evenly distributes weight so you don't strain yourself while sitting. The donut cushion also offers targeted relief for the tailbone area that often gets sore on a hard wooden or plastic chair.

The Walter Drake Donut Gel & Foam Cushion adds instant comfort to dining room chairs, office chairs, patio benches, vehicle seats, wheelchairs and anywhere else where you might be sitting for extended periods. It also provides relief from temporary conditions such as bruised tailbones, hemorrhoids, sciatica and strained glutes. Whether you're working on projects or watching a movie, you'll enjoy it more when you're not straining to stay upright. Walter Drake has been a home merchandise leader since 1947 and will help you sit smarter with supportive chair cushions that feel like a pillow for your behind.

  • Made with polyurethane foam and gel
  • 18" L x 16 1/2" W x 3 1/2" H
  • Soft gel is sandwiched between dense foam for extra comfort and easy weight distribution
  • Helps relieve the coccyx/tailbone area
  • Cover is machine washable
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