Door Sweep



Save money and add comfort throughout any home with the simple yet effective design of this waterproof door sweep. By sealing the bottom of your entryway doors, you prevent warm air from escaping in the winter and cold air from getting out in the summer. A door weatherstrip also works the other way to keep out drafts and insects. Your heater and A/C won't have to work as hard, reducing utility bills and maintenance costs. This door bottom seal is made of flexible weatherproof EVA foam with an easy peel-and-stick design for wood or aluminum doors.

Increase home efficiency and comfort in minutes by installing our door weather-stripping bottoms at every entryway. In most cases, it will pay for itself after just a month or two of use. This semi-permanent weatherproof door seal measures 39" long x 1 1/2" wide but can be trimmed to fit smaller doors or cracks. Multiple colors are available to complement the décor. Visit the Customer Q&A section or contact our experts to learn more. Walter Drake has been helping homeowners since 1947 with practical DIY solutions that produce professional results.

  • Bottom door seal conserves electricity and reduces fuel costs
  • Made for wood or aluminum doors
  • Made from flexible waterproof EVA foam
  • 39" long x 1 1/2" wide
  • Trim to fit
  • Peel and stick design
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