Dr. Comfort® Patty Women's Walking Shoe


This lightweight Dr. Comfort® Patty Women's Walking Shoe will put you on the fast track to comfort. Premium-quality shoe from Dr. Comfort surrounds your foot with cushioning and stability. Its top-grain leather upper features laces and a padded tongue for a comfortable, custom fit walking shoe. The spacious toe box allows for freedom of movement as it protects the foot. Medicare approved, A5500 coded. Available in medium, wide or extra wide, whole and half sizes 5 1/2–10 and size 11. Spot clean with damp cloth.
  • Top-grain leather upper
  • Available in medium/wide/extra wide
  • Whole and half sizes 5 1/2–10 and size 11
  • Spot clean with damp cloth
  • Medicare approved, A5500 coded
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