Easy Comforts Style™ Mesh Cooling Comfort Bra


Make sure you always stay cool and comfortable by wearing the Mesh Cooling Comfort Bra from Walter Drake. This bra features a breathable design with mesh panels that provide 360° of cooling air flow technology. This allows any moisture to easily evaporate to keep you feeling cool and fresh. It also has a naturally contoured design softly shapes for smooth look and a wide, non-chafing band directly beneath the bust for extra support. The soft, extra-wide straps sit softly on your shoulders without digging in.
Choose from four sizes to get the perfect fit for this mesh bra: medium (36-38), large (40-42), XL (44-46) or XXL (48-50).
  • Year-round comfort in this high-quality cooling bra
  • Available in: Medium (36-38)
  • Large (40-42)
  • XL (44-46)
  • or XXL (48-50)
  • Tri-fabric blend includes 55% cooling nylon, 37% regular nylon and 8% elastane
  • Choose between black, nude and white colors
  • Imported
  • Machine wash warm, line dry
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