Easy Grip Reacher



Maintain your independence and comfort with the Easy Grip Reacher, an indispensable tool crafted to enhance your daily life. This reach grabber tool is thoughtfully designed with a unique squeeze grip that utilizes your entire hand strength, making it easier than ever to pick up items without extra effort.

The reaching tool provides an additional 31 inches of length, enabling you to grasp objects safely and conveniently without the need for bending or straining—ideal for those hard-to-reach places whether high or low. The padded grabbers at the end open wide up to 3 inches and are robust enough to secure items weighing as much as five pounds.

Measuring in at a lengthy yet manageable size of 31”L x 4 1/2”W x 1”D, this reacher has been engineered from durable aluminum; its lightweight nature means maneuvering it is virtually effortless. Weighing just a mere .8 ounces, this agile assistant won’t weigh you down as you go about retrieving everything from fallen keys behind furniture to pantry goods on towering shelves.

Ready right out of the box with no assembly required, it's simplicity combined with utility. Its solid construction ensures longevity while its design offers both practicality and ease-of-use—a true extension of one’s own arm!

Whether due to age-related challenges or temporary limitations following surgery or injury—the Easy Grip Reacher extends not only your reach but also preserves dignity by fostering self-sufficiency in personal environments. Make everyday tasks smoother: adopt this essential reaching aid into your routine today!

  • Easy Reach Gripper Tool with Padded Grippers
  • Made with durable aluminum
  • 31" long x 4 1/2" wide x 1" dia.
  • This pick-up tool weighs just 0.8 oz.
  • Padded grabbers open to 3" wide
  • Gripper holds up to 5 lbs.
  • No assembly required
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