Easy-Reach Figure 8 Antimicrobial Sponge



Feel clean from head to toe by using our antimicrobial bath sponge that's designed for a long reach. This long-handled, easy-reach figure-8 sponge gently cleans hard-to-reach areas such as the back and feet without bending or straining. The lightweight 22" long ergonomic handle is easy to use even with limited mobility. At the end of the handle is a thick 5" wide x 2" long bath sponge that helps eliminate bacteria and odors for long-lasting freshness. Its figure-8 shape helps you reach anywhere for a good clean.

Buy the Easy-Reach Figure 8 bath scrubber for yourself or a loved one who needs assistance cleaning off. The sponge is soft but durable for long-lasting use. We also carry a round antimicrobial sponge with handle if you prefer this shape. Walter Drake is known for grooming tools that are practical and affordable. Order a figure 8 bathroom sponge to get yourself clean every morning.

  • 22" long handle
  • 5" wide x 2" long bath sponge
  • Antimicrobial protection keeps sponge fresh
  • Figure 8 design conforms to your body's contours for thorough sudsing
  • Long reach helps prevent straining the back or shoulders
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