Easy Release Ice Cream Scoopers, Set of 2


If your old ice cream scoop isn’t cutting it, you’ve come to the right place! Quickly and easily dish up your favorite ice cream dessert with this set of two Easy Release Ice Cream Scoopers. Made from durable plastic and pliable silicone, our scoopers for ice cream feature a unique design and a flexible bottom that makes getting that perfect scoop each and every time easy — simply press the bottom to release! These versatile ice cream servers are also great for helping you make perfectly sized meatballs or evenly distribute cupcake batter or muffin dough.With these scoopers, ice cream has met its match. Their ergonomic handles are comfortable to use and are anti-slip for a sturdy grip even when dipping into hard ice cream. Their high-quality construction ensures that these handy kitchen gadgets will be a favorite tool for many years to come.
  • Anti-freeze, anti-slip plastic and silicone construction
  • Set includes 2 different sized ice cream spoons
  • Press the soft, flexible bottom of each scoop to release ice cream
  • Hand wash
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