Eggs Pressive Egg Molds, Set of 4


Eggs-press yourself, and turn hard-boiled eggs into IMPRESSIVE shapes with these unique Eggs Pressive egg molds! Simply boil and peel an egg, pop it into the egg shaper mold, and refrigerate to create a fun, healthy egg that looks like an adorable bunny, cute car, classic heart or friendly fish. Perfect for everyday breakfasts, holiday brunches, parties, snacks and fancy salads, the molds also work with sushi rice for added fun. Made of food-grade plastic that's safe and fun for kids, the egg molds are easy to clean; hand wash. Set of 4 includes bunny, car, heart and fish. Each measures approx. 3" sq.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Turn hard-boiled eggs into IMPRESSIVE shapes
  • Make adorable egg bunnies, cars, hearts or fish
  • Perfect for everyday breakfasts, parties, snacks and more
  • Hand wash food-grade plastic
  • Set of 4, each approx. 3" sq.
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