Electronic Drumsticks Set


No drum needed for a rousing percussion session you can take anywhere—thanks to these motion-sensing Electronic Drumsticks. Simply move the digital drumsticks like you’re beating on a real drum, and their motion sensing technology brings the rhythmic “tom-tom” sound to life, while the drumstick tips light up with every beat. Press the melody button to add background music, and use the crash cymbal and snare drum sound buttons to enhance the music and create your own variation. Complete with songs you can play along with, this drumsticks toy is great for music lovers of all ages, and a fun way to inspire young musicians. The set of 2 drumsticks uses 4 AA batteries (not included). Made of plastic and metal with LED lights, each toy drumstick measures 13 3/4" L.
  • Plastic/metal with LED lights
  • Set of 2 drumsticks, each 13 3/4" long overall
  • Drumsticks' motion-sensing design makes sounds as you move them, no drum required
  • Tips light up with every beat
  • Features options to add melody, cymbal and snare drum sounds
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