Elegant Floral Vinyl Lace Table Cover


Although lace tablecloths are beautiful, the fear of spills, stains and rips at mealtime can be stressful. With our Floral Lace Vinyl Table Cover, you’ll be able to enjoy the look of real lace and the durability and the easy cleanup of vinyl! This beautiful vinyl lace tablecloth has an incredibly fine, detailed lace design along with elegantly scalloped edging. Its easy care makes it perfect for everyday use — as well as for special occasions. Add to your table to instantly add a delicate touch to teatime and brunches. The white lace table cloth is a fantastic choice for weddings and bridal showers, too!This white plastic lace tablecloth adds a protective barrier against water marks, stains and spills. It also reduces the wear and tear that your furniture suffers with everyday use. It’s available in both round and oblong shapes. You’ll appreciate how fast and easy it is to maintain — just run a damp cloth or sponge over its surface. Shop our other selections of vinyl lace tablecloths in our large inventory of unique table covers and tablecloths! Since 1947, we’ve been a go-to for unique and innovative products that offer problem-solving solutions to your home.
  • White vinyl lace tablecloth has a drop style
  • Finely detailed lace look with scalloped edging
  • Highly durable and easy to clean
  • Two oblong shapes available (54” wide x 72” long or 60” wide x 90” long) and one round shape (70” diameter)
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