Embroidered Poinsettia Doilie


Lovely needlework creates holiday shimmer! Let your table, buffet or coffee table shine with seasonal warmth when adorned with this Embroidered Poinsettia Doilie. The stunning poinsettia design is resplendent with detail and boasts intricate cutwork with glistening threads. A festive touch under a candle, vase or table centerpiece. Polyester. Hand wash. Embroidered doilie is approx. 11 1/2"dia. Imported.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Polyester/cotton
  • Approx. 11 1/2" dia.
  • Needlepoint look creates old-fashioned style and warmth
  • Features intricate cutwork with glistening threads
  • Hand wash
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