Emergency Lanterns, Set of 2, by LivingSURE™

Light where you need it.



Whether it’s caused by a severe summer storm or a wintertime blizzard, a power outage can cause upheaval in your home and your community. It’s best to be prepared for these events and have emergency items on-hand and ready to go. Our LED Emergency Lanterns by LivingSURE™ are emergency essentials that every household needs.

This set of two lantern emergency lights features 30 extremely bright LED lights and 360° of illumination. They each have a fold-down handle that makes them portable enough to take anywhere. The dimmable, long-lasting, high-efficiency bulbs will last over 100,000 hours. Each light requires three D batteries (not included).

These emergency lanterns are ideal not just for the home, but also for camping, hiking and vehicle use. Keep extras around when you need a light in a dark corner of the garage or the basement, or when you need extra task lighting for a detail-oriented job. These durable, plastic lantern lights measure 5” wide x 9 ¼” high.

Our lanterns are exclusive Walter Drake items. Shop all our auto and travel items, each hand-picked to provide you with reliable safety and security at prices that won’t blow your budget.

  • Includes adjustable dimmer
  • Requires 3 D batteries (not included)
  • Plastic
  • Set of 2
  • Each 5" wide x 9 1/4" high
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