Evergreen Twist Ties, Set of 10


Sturdy Christmas garland twist ties look like real pine branches so they blend right in with the greenery while replacing wires, cords and hooks. Bending easily to any shape, these ties easily secure garlands around a variety of handrails. Also great for hanging door wreaths, displaying ornaments and decorating vases and centerpieces. Iron-wired PVC. Set of 10 Christmas garland ties, each 14" L.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Sturdy twist ties look like real pine branches
  • Replaces wires, cords and hooks
  • Bends easily to any shape
  • Secure garlands, wreaths, ornaments and more
  • Iron-wired PVC
  • Set of 10, each 14" L
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