Extra Wide Folding Step Stool with Handle XL



Enhance your reach and ensure your safety with the extra-wide folding step stool with a handle from Walter Drake. This robust platform elevates you by 8 inches, providing that much-needed boost to access those just-out-of-reach spots in your home. The surface is designed to be non-slip, offering a secure foothold as you stand atop it confidently.

With its sturdy foam grip handle, this wide step stool lends additional support for balancing while ascending or descending the stool or when stretching upward—ideal for tasks like adorning your space with festive decorations or giving it a thorough clean. What's more, this folding step stool with handle tucks away neatly thanks to its collapsible design; simply fold and carry using the convenient handle for effortless storage or transportation between indoor and outdoor spaces.

This travel-friendly step stool with handle becomes an indispensable tool for anyone requiring extra assistance during daily activities. It's perfect not only for reaching high shelves but also serves well in giving shorter individuals that necessary lift while engaging in kitchen duties such as washing dishes or preparing meals.

Moreover, if stability is paramount due to mobility concerns—or if there are young helpers eager to assist at counter height—this wide-step solution provides peace of mind alongside improved accessibility around the house. Make every corner of your abode easily reachable without compromising on personal security—the Walter Drake folding step stool is here to give you that helping hand whenever needed!

  • Extra-wide non-slip surface
  • Easy to assemble and folds flat for storage
  • 37" H overall
  • Base is 19 1/2" W x 15 1/2" D
  • Handle measures 29" from base
  • Weighs 10.5 lbs.
  • Supports up to 600 lbs.
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