Eyeglass Chain



Turn plain-looking, hard-to-find eyeglasses into a standout treasure! A beaded glasses chain is a practical and stylish addition to your extra eyes. They allow you to hang your regular glasses or reading glasses from a hook so they won't get lost amongst other belongings on a table or in a purse. You can also use eyeglass cord holders to dangle the glasses from your neck instead of putting them on your head. The secure-grip alligator clips firmly attach so you never have to worry about them slipping.

Your glasses will be there when you need them if you have an eyeglass necklace chain. We offer both a 26" herringbone glasses chain and a 25 1/2" pearl eyeglass necklace. Both add sophisticated style at an affordable price. If you or someone you know is constantly losing track of their glasses, one of these chains will save hours of aggravated searching and squinting. Walter Drake is known for unique problem solvers such as these that help you do more with your day. Order them now and see why we've inspired and delighted customers since 1947.

  • Beaded eyeglass chains hold your glasses like a necklace
  • Secure-grip clips
  • Pearl style is 26" long
  • Herringbone style is 25 1/2" long
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