EZ Reach Back Brush



You'll be cleaner and more comfortable every time you use your new shower scrub brush. This European-style EZ Reach back brush reaches nearly two feet! These back scrubbers have a curved design to fit your shape for invigorating cleansing. Gentle bristles on our long-handled back brush exfoliate cleaners so the skin feels silky soft. They also massage and rejuvenate so you feel refreshed.

Add an EZ Reach back scrub brush to your cabinet so you can clean hard-to-reach areas without needing to strain your arms. They're a great leg scrubber as well for those with limited mobility. The bristles are made of rust-resistant wire and polypropylene that stand up to hundreds of showers. It has the right amount of flexibility to contour to your unique body shape without feeling flimsy. Stay clean and neat with the help of practical bathing supplies from Walter Drake at great prices.

  • Material – Made with durable wire and polypropylene, and finished with gentle bristles
  • Design - European-style curved design, this brush makes it easy to reach places you couldn’t before
  • Dimensions – Shower brush measures 22-3/4" long
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