Flame Wine Bottle Lights, Set of 3 by Holiday Peak™


Transform empty keepsake wine bottles into one-of-a-kind décor with these flame-shaped bottle lights. Each light string has 20 LED lights, topped with a light-up plastic flame that inserts into the top of your wine bottle. The light strand below softly illuminates the inside of the bottle, creating a beautiful glow. Light up wine bottles are perfect for creating mantel or centerpiece decorations. Set of 3 light strings. LED lights on each string are spaced 3 7/8" apart. Requires 3 button cell batteries, included. Made from ABS, PP and LED. Measures 70 1/4" L. By Holiday Peak™.
  • Set of 3 light strings
  • Each light string has 20 LED lights
  • Requires 3 button cell batteries, included
  • Made from ABS, PP and LED
  • 70 1/4" long
  • By Holiday Peak™
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