Flat Flexible Duster



Tidy up anytime that a room is looking a little grubby by using a flexible duster that's designed for hard-to-reach areas. Our exclusive OakRidge™ Reach Anywhere Duster goes where no other duster can for a spotless home! The large 29" long x 3 3/4" wide size cleans wet or dry surfaces. Since it lies flat, this cleaning duster easily slides between and under appliances and furniture. Use it to whisk away cobwebs, wipe down walls or get stubborn dust mites out from behind the couch.

Go where brooms, mops and traditional brushes can't by keeping a flat duster in your cleaning closet. It saves the hassle of having to move furniture and mats around while giving you great results even without cleaning sprays. Once you're done, remove the plastic spine to machine-wash the fabric and reuse it. Our practical products and unique values make Walter Drake a leader in home cleaning solutions.

  • Flexible design
  • 29" long x 3 3/4" wide
  • Cleans wet or dry
  • Fits under appliances and couches
  • Also dusts walls and other hard-to-reach places
  • Plastic spine can be removed
  • Machine-wash fabric piece
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