Floral Swirl Elasticized Tablecover


Our Floral Swirl Vinyl Fitted Table Cover is perfect for spring and summer! You’ll love the floral swirl design, which is printed in tonal hues onto a solid-color background. Add this elegant and beautiful spring or summer tablecloth to your kitchen table and/or a dining room. It is also a great outdoor table cover for a patio or a deck. Wherever and however you use it, this fitted floral tablecloth is guaranteed to be a wonderful addition to your home. Choose from three colors: blue, green or yellow.Elasticized edging allows for a snug fit and a smooth surface. This type of edging is also great for outdoor use during windy conditions. A durable and heavy-duty vinyl material helps keep your table protected from the rigors of everyday use and a soft fleece back is gentle on your furniture. This vinyl elasticized table cover is available in two round sizes and one oval size.Shop our entire collection of fitted and drop-style tablecloths, many of which are exclusive to Walter Drake. We have many seasonal table covers as well as fantastic options for casual everyday use.
  • Elastic edging for a snug, secure fit
  • Durable, heavy-duty vinyl construction
  • Three available colors: yellow, green or blue
  • Easy care, simply wipe down after use
  • Two round sizes: 40” to 44” diameter and 56” to 56” diameter
  • Oblong measures 42” wide x 68” long
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