Flower Mat, Ground Cover, Creeping Thyme



Giving your landscape some color and protection is as easy as rolling out pre-seeded creeping thyme flower covers from Walter Drake. Ground flower covers are sought after by many home landscapers for their beautiful function. In addition to adding color and filling out a garden, they also help prevent weed growth and erosion. Our creeping thyme groundcover seed mats are filled with premium flower seeds between layers of paper. When the cover sprouts and blooms, it produces rich, vibrant purple color with a spring-like scent that adds to their allure. Furthermore, they attract butterflies and songbirds so your landscape is truly at one with nature.

Walter Drake roll-out thyme flower mats have many delightful uses. They can line a garden or front yard pathway, fill in empty lawn spaces where grass has trouble growing, accent perennial flower beds and so much more. These 17" x 5' thyme flower roll-outs can be laid next to each other for larger coverings and custom-cut for tricky areas. Make any landscape prettier on a budget by ordering your ground flower roll-out covers from a company that's been offering affordable home solutions since 1947.

  • Creeping thyme ground cover seeds are nestled in a 100% recycled roll-out mat
  • Roll-out garden mat measures 17" x 5'
  • Easy to trim for custom coverage
  • Place garden mat in prepared soil, cover with dirt, water daily and watch the seeds germinate
  • Developed by a horticulturist
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