Flower Mat, Merry Marigolds 17"x5'



Decorate your landscape and protect your precious vegetables with a Merry Marigolds rollout flower mat. These Central American flowers are a perfect summer and fall annual that are bursting with vibrant seasonal shades of yellow and orange. Marigolds do more than just look pretty, though — their rich blooms also deter garden pests such as Mexican bean beetles, squash bugs, tomato hornworms and other insects that would go after your summer crops. This one-two punch makes them an ideal border flower for vegetable gardens, shrubs, walkways, patios and much more.

Walter Drake 17" x 5' seeded marigold flower mats are a more affordable way to add these remarkable flowers to your home's landscape. Each made-in-the-USA mat is filled with hundreds of premium seeds between paper layers that help block weed growth. Roll the mat out, trim it to fit and water it for the first week or two. The marigold is one of the easiest-growing annual flowers, and green-thumbs of all skill levels can grow impressive flowers with a flower roll-out mat. We've provided useful gardening products since 1947 and will help your backyard thrive at a great price.

  • Professionally developed for foolproof, professional-looking results
  • Pre-seeded flower mat contains hundreds of merry marigold seeds
  • 100% recycled paper
  • Garden seed mat is 17" x 5'
  • Flower mat trims and modifies easily for a custom fit
  • Place on prepared soil, water and watch your marigolds bloom
  • Great for borders, driveway edges or anywhere that a pop of color is needed
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