Fly Trap Window Stickers, Set of 4


They look like sunflower window art, but these Fly Trap Window Stickers are really an all-natural way to rid your home of flying pests! All you and your guests see is a sunflower cling, but it's really a sticky pest control surface that traps flies, gnats and other insects. Simply peel and stick these fly stickers, indoors or out, for more beauty and fewer bugs. Perfect for kitchen, sun porch and more! Set of 4 window stickers, each 3 3/4" sq.
  • Set of 4 window stickers, each 3 3/4" sq.
  • Sticky surface traps flies and other small insects
  • A more decorative alternative to fly strips
  • Perfect for kitchen, sun room and more
  • Simple peel-and-stick application
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