Folding Footrest by OakRidge™



Elevate your feet just the right amount by getting a wood-finish portable foot rest and stool from Walter Drake. This compact folding footrest by OakRidge™ adds 4" of height to help you sit comfortably. Wooden foot stool legs lock into place when open. When you're ready to go, simply fold it flat for easy portability.

A folding footrest is ideal for home and travel, especially during long flights or car rides. Set it at the computer to improve circulation or in front of the couch to relax at day's end. For those of shorter height, it gives their feet a solid place to set instead of dangling above the floor. Kids can also use for the extra boost they need to reach sinks and counters.

Our exclusive portable footrest arrives ready to use with no assembly required. It's now available in 3 wood finishes to complement any décor. Specify a pine, walnut or mahogany finish before you check-out. Walter Drake helps you live more comfortably with low everyday prices on this wood mini footrest and other unique furniture accessories.

  • Portable foot rest is ideal for home and travel
  • No assembly required
  • Specify pine, walnut or mahogany finish
  • Wooden foot stool measures 12" L x 6" D x 4" H overall and 1 1/2" thick when folded
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