Food Tents, Set of 3



Summer picnics with great food are a fun time for everyone. However, uninvited guests of nature often want to snag a snack, too. Mesh food tents from Walter Drake protect outdoor meals from being ruined by the environment. The tightly woven see-through mesh keeps out flies, bees, ants and mosquitoes as well as pets. They also prevent leaves, falling branches or dropped forks from messing up the burgers or fruit salad. All the while, your creations will be on full display for everyone to salivate over.

A set of mesh food covers is a must for backyard barbeques, beach weekends, camping trips and mountain cabin getaways. The spacious 17" x 8" domed design has plenty of room for large plates, bowls and condiment bottles. Each cover has a collapsible metal frame that easily opens and closes. Use the top hook to quickly lift the cover off, grab an item and re-cover the remaining food. Order a set of 3 mesh food domes at a value price to make sure your family and friends are the only ones enjoying the spoils. Shop online or by catalog for other outdoor entertaining products to serve up a feast.

  • See-through domes shield food
  • Tightly woven mesh
  • Collapsible metal for easy open/close
  • Set includes 3 tents
  • 17" D x 8" H
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