Foot Switch Extension Cord



Cutting off outlet power shouldn't have to mean contorting yourself around or underneath furniture. A foot-switch power extension cord lets you turn devices on and off without lifting a finger. This 12-foot cord has a 2-prong wall plug and outlets for up to three 2-prong electronic devices. Tap the red foot switch to shut off the power to all connected devices or turn them back on again. You can tuck the bulk of the cord against walls, behind shelves and underneath couches while still leaving the foot switch accessible.

A 3-outlet extension cable with foot switch is ideal for Christmas tree lights, internet routers and other devices that typically don't have their own switches. It's also practical for simple on/off lamps whose switches are hard to reach. These extension cords have a safety cover to protect the outlet from dust, water and debris when nothing is plugged in. You'll never have to bend over, twist your wrists or go cord-hunting again — all you have to do is step on it! Walter Drake gives you the control you need with unique home power solutions that are always affordable.

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • 12-foot cord
  • Powers up to three electronic devices
  • Safety cover keeps dust off when not in use
  • Foot switch makes it easy to turn electronics on/off
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