Freestanding Stocking Holder By Holiday Peak™


No need to let the lack of a fireplace hinder a beloved holiday tradition! This freestanding stocking holder can hang up to 6 stockings, no mantel needed. Charming cutouts of Santa and his reindeer are silhouetted across the top, adding extra holiday cheer. Comes with 6 detachable hooks. Just hang your stockings and wait for Santa! Durable construction, easy assembly. Made of 100% steel. 29 1/2" W x 32" H x 11" D. By Holiday Peak™.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Made of 100% steel
  • 29 1/2" wide x 32" high x 11" deep overall
  • Comes with 6 detachable hooks to hang stockings
  • Easy assembly
  • By Holiday Peak™
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