Fresh Drop™ Bathroom Odor Preventer



Help your bathroom smell as good as the rest of the home by using this air purifier solution. Fresh Drop™ Bathroom Odor Preventer stops odors before they start! Just add one drop into the toilet bowl and bad odors are instantly neutralized. At the same time, a fresh scent is released to make the lavatory more welcoming. Cleanlogic Fresh Drop toilet freshener is made of natural plant extracts and gentle detergents that create an odor barrier on the surface of the water for a fresh flush every time.

Whether for a private bathroom home or public commodes at offices and restaurants, this bath odor blocker is a simple way to keep toilets smelling great. Each Fresh Drop™ odor preventer bottle contains 0.67 fluid oz., which is good for approximately 700 one-drop uses. Watch for bulk pricing so you can buy bottles for the entire house plus free shipping when you subscribe for regular orders. Keep bathrooms smelling amazing by shopping at Walter Drake for bath necessities.

  • Add one to two drops of Fresh Drop to toilets before you go
  • Blocks and neutralizes 98% of odors instantly
  • Great for public bathrooms, gyms, offices and more
  • Portable 0.67-oz. bottle is good for hundreds of uses
  • Safe for use in all toilets
  • NOTE: This item cannot be sold in Canada
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