Furniture Savers



If your living room furniture is feeling droopy whenever you sit, a set of furniture cushion savers can renew its vigor. Walter Drake furniture savers restore firm support to sagging, limp cushions. The heavy-duty corrugated chair seat saver is made of particleboard that slips easily under the cushion, staying out of sight as it bolsters those sitting on top. The smooth vinyl cover protects the saver and stays in place so the cushion doesn't slide around.

Our furniture support savers give new life to cushions without costly reupholstering. Placing them under the seat cushion revives comfort and is an affordable alternative to buying all-new furnishings! We offer them in 3 different sizes for chair, love seat and sofa cushions. Each furniture saver board consists of several panels that can be folded over for the best fit. Keep your favorite furniture in the family with this unique home merchandise from Walter Drake.

  • Sturdy vinyl-covered furniture savers end sagging
  • Made of particle board divided into panels that fold to fit your seats
  • Chair saver: 22" L x 19" W
  • Love seat saver: 19" L x 44" W
  • Sofa seat saver: 19" L x 66" W
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