Genius Tape, Set of 3 by OakRidge™


Keep rugs and more safely in place with this clear adhesive tape you can wash and reuse again and again. Simply cut the double-sided acrylic tape to size and stick on a smooth surface. Ideal for placing along rug edges to prevent bunching that can lead to trips and falls. Or use it to keep items in place on a bathroom mirror or tub, or on windows to hang lightweight decorations. Versatile tape securely holds up to 17 lbs. Wash with water as needed and let dry before reusing. Set of 3 includes 2" W x 79" L, 4/5" W x 117" L and 1 1/4" W x 117" L. By OakRidge™. Not for use on painted or textured surfaces or carved tiles.
  • Set of 3 includes 2" wide x 79" long, 4/5" wide x 117" long and 1 1/4" wide x 117" long rolls
  • Simply wash with water to re-use again and again
  • Holds up to 17 lbs.
  • Not for use on painted or textured surfaces or carved tiles
  • By OakRidge™
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