Gift Wrap Organizer Bag



Store all your gift wrap essentials in one place with this smart Gift Wrap Organizer Bag. The durable zip-close wrapping paper organizer features 5 hook-and-loop closure pockets on one side for storing cards, gift bags, tags, ribbons, bows, tape, tissue, scissors and anything else you need on hand for quick, easy wrapping. These pockets are see-through so you know exactly what's on hand. The other side of this gift wrap storage container includes 2 hook-and-loop closure straps to secure up to 5 rolls of wrapping paper. With handles on both vertical and horizontal sides, this gift wrap organizer is easy to carry from room to room or hang from either handle for easy storage in a closet.

A gift wrapping storage bag is a great solution for families who are always in the giving spirit. Store gift wrap supplies for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions without the worry of smashed paper rolls or tangled ribbon. You'll never have to spend 20 minutes searching for the scissors, either. The 36" H x 14" W Walter Drake portable gift wrap bag is made of 90% non-woven polypropylene/10% PVC. Its green fabric and red accents add to the spirit of the season. Shop with us for all your holiday helpers and wrapping supplies at great prices. We've been celebrating Christmas with our customers since 1947 and are here to make your season one of joy.

  • 90% non-woven polypropylene/10% PVC
  • One side has 5 hook-and-loop closure pockets
  • Other side includes 2 hook-and-loop closure straps to secure approximately 5 rolls of wrapping paper
  • Handles on both vertical and horizontal sides
  • Hang from either handle for easy storage in a closet
  • Spot clean
  • 36" H x 14" W
  • Spot clean
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