Glow-In-The-Dark Stair Treads, Set of 4 By LivingSURE™


Give stairs a glow-up, and say goodbye to trips and falls. Glow-In-The-Dark Stair Treads by trusted home brand LivingSURE™ improve visibility by adding a light-green glow to dark basement steps, garages, backyard decks and more—use them indoors or out. Application is easy thanks to self-adhesive strips on the back of each smooth tread. Set of 4 outdoor stair treads, each 15 3/4" L x 6 3/4" W. 100% silicone. Wipe clean. By LivingSURE™.
  • 100% silicone
  • Set of 4 outdoor stair treads, each 15 3/4" long x 6 3/4" wide
  • Helps improve visibility in darkened areas
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Wipe clean
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