God Bless Praying Lamb Plush with Sound


This sweet, ultra-soft lamb offers endless cuddles and soothing comfort, singing "Jesus Loves Me" when little ones gently press his tummy. Donning a little satin bow and safely embroidered eyes, nose and mouth, the fuzzy white lamb features tan ears and paws. One of his feet is lovingly embroidered with a white cross, and the other with the words "God Bless". An adorable, keepsake gift for baptisms, birthdays, religious holidays or any day, this praying lamb stuffed animal with music is the perfect buddy for bedtime prayers, naptime dreams, sleepovers at Grandma's house, and everyday snuggling. Polyester. 8" H praying stuffed animal. Ages 3 months and up.
  • Ultra-soft lamb offers endless cuddles
  • Press tummy and it sings "Jesus Loves Me"
  • Embroidered with a white cross and the words "God Bless"
  • A keepsake gift for baptisms, birthdays, and more
  • 8" H polyester stuffed animal
  • Ages 3 months and up
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