Green Arched Garden Trellis


Provide your climbing plants and vines with the support they need to stretch out their arms with our Green Arched Garden Trellis from Walter Drake. This garden arch trellis makes a stunning, welcoming entrance into your garden — or place it somewhere you can enjoy it from your kitchen window. This versatile metal garden trellis will be a delightful addition to your outdoor space.
  • Free-Standing Trellis – Our garden or patio trellis will stand upright on its own, making the perfect entryway
  • Easy to Decorate – When you want to provide a special look for the entryway trellis, you can hang streamers, flowers or climbing vines on the frame
  • Quick Assembly – All of the pieces of the wedding arch trellis will pop together easily in a fast assembly process
  • Sturdy Frame – The entire curved frame consists of 8 mm gauge steel finished in a green enamel coating
  • Nearly 8 Feet Tall – With a height of 7 feet, 10 inches and a width of 55 inches, two people can walk through the garden entryway trellis together
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