Grip-EZ Fiskie™


This multi-tasking fork & whisk combo quickly whisks, stirs, mixes, scoops and strains! No need to switch up (or clean up) two utensils, when this 2-in-1 fork & whisk precisely mixes and incorporates air into egg whites or cream, then folds it into your lightest, fluffiest recipes. The versatile Grip-EZ Fiskie™ takes on heavy mixing tasks like pancake batter or candy making, whips up scrambled eggs, fries ground beef, mashes avocados for guacamole, whisks gravy — then easily transfers food to plate or bowl. The unique Grip-EZ santoprene handle allows for a stronger grip, helping prevent hand fatigue and cramping, and this unique prep tool is designed to work perfectly for right or left hand use. Safe for nonstick pans or glass bakeware, the 11" L nylon tool resists high heat up to 464°F/240°C. Dishwasher safe.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Multi-tasking fork & whisk combo
  • Quickly whisks, stirs, mixes, scoops and strains
  • Grip-EZ santoprene handle helps prevent hand fatigue
  • Safe for nonstick pans or glass bakeware
  • 11" long nylon tool is dishwasher safe
  • Resists high heat up to 464°F/240°C
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