Heat Diffusing Plate



Those in-the-know will use heat plates and stove top heat diffusers to better, more thoroughly cook items on lower heat settings (such as caramel), to more evenly cook items (such as tortillas and other flatbreads) and to achieve better water absorption into grains (rice and oatmeal). Heat plates can often be pricey, particularly when they are professional-quality plates.

At Walter Drake, we carry a stovetop heat diffuser plate that will meet your at-home needs beautifully in either a 6" or 8" size. Our heat diffuser plates help breathe new life into your older burner that may not burn as evenly. These non-stick heat diffuser plates allow you to cook your items at lower temperatures on your open-coil stovetop surface, resulting in better cooked foods, tasty meals and yummy surprises for your family. Food is love, so make sure that your food is cooked perfectly each and every time with our stovetop heat plates from Walter Drake.

At Walter Drake, we've brought the best in kitchen and home solutions-based products since 1947. Shop heat plates and other hard-to-find items in our collection of unique, useful and affordable items.

  • Heats evenly, retains heat longer
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Cook foods on lower temperatures
  • Ideal for caramels, candies, grains and more
  • Available in 6" and 8" sizes
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