Himalayan Salt Light with Dimmer


Glowing Himalayan salt light with dimmer lends style and ambience to any room while helping to create a healthy environment. Generously sized Himalayan salt rock lamp on a beautiful wooden 4” dia. base adds a calming amber glow controlled by a dimmable on/off switch, allowing you to choose the perfect level of light in any room. It helps naturally purify the air by emitting negative ions, invisible molecules that bind to and help remove positively charged dust particles and may help control airborne pollen, dust mites, smoke, mold spores and pet dander. As it helps purify the air, it also helps increase serotonin to boost mood and energy. Whether creating tranquility or lighting a dark hallway, its soft glow is perfect anywhere in your home. Each Himalayan salt lamp is individually hand crafted of real Himalayan salt rock. UL listed lamp features a 54” L cord and uses an E12 15W bulb (included). Approx 7"H, 6 lbs. (due to the nature of this product, rock size will vary).
  • Made with real Himalayan salt
  • 54"L cord
  • Approx 7"H, 6 lbs.
  • Emits negative ions that bind to and help remove dust particles
  • Individually handcrafted for a unique look
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