Impatiens Bush by OakRidge™



This lovely artificial impatiens bush look-alike is so vibrant and realistic that it will keep the neighbors guessing. Plant artificial impatiens in a pot or right in the ground for lifelike appeal and realistic beauty surrounding your home. OakRidge™ faux impatiens have lush silky polyester flowers and lush green leaves that offer instant allure and natural-looking texture. Group several bushes for a fuller appearance that can be enjoyed year-round. The flexible plastic and wire stems can be planted in a pot, a hanging display or right in the ground.

Forever-blooming silk impatiens offer green-thumb perfection that brightens any container or garden. Our 18" high faux impatiens are versatile indoor/outdoor décor. Use them for everyday displays or special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, weddings and memorials. They're maintenance-free with no watering, sunlight or pruning needed. Order them from Walter Drake where we've been offering affordable problem-solvers and home décor since 1947.

Note: We've shown three bushes per pot; pot is not included.

  • Silk impatiens that forever bloom
  • Brighten any container or garden
  • Polyester flowers and leaves with flexible plastic/wire stems
  • Pot not included
  • 18" high
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