Impatiens Hanging Stem by OakRidge™



Enliven baskets with the colorful, realistic look of this fancy, flowering Impatiens Hanging Stem by OakRidge™ Outdoor. The realistic beauty of our hanging artificial impatiens flower stem is so lush and lifelike, it will keep your neighbors in awe of your impressive green thumb. These stems feature brightly colored flowers made of polyester, plastic and wire with a construction that allows them to hang in a natural way. Enjoy the lasting beauty of lifelike impatiens with no upkeep required — these faux floral accents are forever-blooming wherever they're on display.

OakRidge silk flowers measure 25" long and are thoughtfully designed for both indoor and protected outdoor use. Hang them on patios and front porches, next to the garage or in your living room. They're available with dark pink, orange, purple or white flowers — specify your favorite color above. We'll help you decorate your home or office with the best artificial impatiens bushes.

  • Realistic color and detail
  • Polyester/plastic/wire construction
  • 25" long
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Basket not included
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