Infrared Low-Cut Socks By Silver Steps™, 2 Pairs


These Infrared Low-Cut Socks are a game-changer when it comes to foot comfort and wellness. Using the power of infrared technology, these gripper socks aim to improve circulation, alleviate inflammation and provide relief from stiffness and pain. Infrared nano-particles absorb body heat, which accelerates metabolism and stimulates cell recovery. You'll love the difference infrared socks can make in your foot health and overall well-being. Suitable for men and women, these infrared socks are designed for optimal comfort and support throughout the day. Innovative gripper dots on the bottom of the socks ensure slip resistance, stability and peace of mind. Perfect for any occasion, from walking around the house to working out to simply going about your daily activities. Specify style. Set of 2 pairs. 70% cotton/20% polyamide/10% elastane. Hand wash. By Silver Steps™.
  • 2 pairs of low-cut socks
  • Anti-inflammatory infrared threads support pain relief and improved circulation
  • Gripper dots offer better traction
  • Women's fits 7-11, Men's fits 6-10
  • Made from 70% cotton/20% polyamide/10% elastane. Hand wash.
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