Large Medication Organizer



Not taking your medications as prescribed may not only lead to a slight inconvenience, it can also be downright dangerous. Many weekly pill boxes only contain one small compartment. What's worse, many have difficult-to-read text and labeling that can further confuse. In addition, many traditional medication organizers don't take into account that you may need to take your medications at certain times of the day. Our large pill organizer takes all of these concerns into account, creating a comprehensive unit that ticks all the boxes for your must-have medication organizer.

Our large, easy-to-read and easy-to-use medication organizer features clear, large lettering that indicates the day — as well as designated compartments for morning, noon, evening and bedtime dosages. This way, your medication storage and dosing will be clear-cut and convenient. You'll be confident in your medication and daily health routine. Purchase one for yourself and for that special person in your life who struggles with his or her medication management.

  • Each daily pill organizer measures 5 1/4" long x 1 1/4" wide x 1" deep
  • each compartment measures 1 1/4" high x 1" wide
  • Large pill organizer measures 9 1/4" wide x 3 3/4" high x 1" deep overall
  • Large print
  • Easy to use and secure
  • Use as an individual daily compartment medication organizer or as a pill box for weekly use
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