Leaf Filigree Accent Rug


Add an elegant leaf filigree accent anywhere in your home with this vibrant Leaf Filigree Accent Rug. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, it beautifully fits in to add comfort underfoot and protect floors in an entryway, kitchen, bathroom and more. Easy-care nylon surface resists wear and fading, and the skid-resistant backing helps keep it in place. Specify color. This hallway and kitchen rug is available in 3 sizes: 20" x 30", 59" x 20" or 26" x 45". Machine wash.
  • Durable nylon surface resists wear and fading
  • Available in 3 sizes: 20" x 30", 59" x 20" or 26" x 45"
  • Skid-resistant backing helps prevent slips and falls
  • Perfect for entryway, kitchen, bathroom and more
  • Machine wash
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