Leather Armrest Organizer



Few things are worse than getting settled down for a calm evening and then discovering you need to get back up for something. The Walter Drake Leather Armchair Caddy is a convenient decorative way to keep living room essentials handy. This large couch caddy is made of real leather with a non-slip patchwork design. Drape it over your armrest and use the two divider pockets to store remote controls, puzzle books, newspapers, pens and anything else you typically use while relaxing. You can also toss in your glasses, phone or a snack as you sit down so they'll be close by when you need them.

A leather armrest caddy is a stylish way to organize so you can sink into a favorite chair, sofa or loveseat and unwind. It's available in both brown and black leather that adds an eye-catching accent to any furniture regardless of its cover material. Spot cleaning with leather cleaner or a wet cloth will quickly remove spills and dirt so the organizer looks like new. Get the necessities for storing your necessities by shopping for unique problem solvers at Walter Drake.

  • Armchair caddy organizer with a patchwork leather design
  • Easily slips over chair and couch arms
  • Includes 2 pockets to store remotes and other essentials
  • Care: spot-clean
  • Size: 25 3/5" L x 14 3/5" W
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